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The Overgrown Hobbit

Better is Beer, if drink we lack, And Water Hot poured down the back--!

Eglantine Brandybuck

Hmmm.... Maybe later...

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User Number: 2163768
Date Created:2004-02-09
Number of Posts: 121

Carbonelle's Athena made her appearance in the world as part of a Father's Day present: Wierdly apt.
Strengths: Strong, wise and sure; Likes a good fight.
Weaknesses: Still seems to be capabable of colossal and damaging error; Likes a good fight
Special Skills: A tough hide, Library-fu.
Weapons: Spear: Dad won't let her have his lightning bolts.
Attitude: Combative

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Okay, later's come and gone. Trust me, it's really not that exciting: Think "generations of (pre-Bilbo) Bagginses," not "mad young Bucklanders." Anyone that seriously interested, is welcome to read my blog and piece together the bits and pieces of biography scattered therein.

Though I should warn you, as this is a public space, accessible by search engines and Heaven-alone-knows What-all; that the personal details revealed in this blog will be either honest or factual: rarely both."

Caveat lector.

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