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Anti-Intellectuals in America

Once upon a time a fellow came out to a Texas farm from the city. After looking around a bit, he went up to the farmer and asked him why that cow--the one in that field over there--had no horns.

"Some cows, sir," replied the farmer, "some cows don't have horns because they're special-bred not to have any. And there are some cows where only the bull has horns, so that cow could just be female. And there are times when we have to remove the horns from a cow for some reason.

"But this cow has no horns because it is, in fact, a horse."

This story came to mind for several reasons, one being a comment by John C. Wright on another topic entirely:

We live in the midst of a Dark Age, that is, an age when intellectual and literate things are despised by the intellectuals and the literati. A Dark Age approves of emotional rather than intellectual response.

I've been reading Mr. Sowell's book on intellectuals, and one of the points he makes over and over again is how so many of those who belong to what might be termed the intellectual class: those who make their living, or call their vocation, the things of the mind: professors, media analysts, commentators and the like; how they prefer rhetorical flourish to reasoned argument. They have abandoned logic, reason, proofs and evidence.

Worst of all, should any of these once-revered tools of the intellect be brought to bear against a treasured belief, these modern intellectuals will scream Anathema! and run with torches to burn the heretic.

Therefore, it seems to me, that in a United States made up of millions and millions of individuals, it would have to be true that there are some people who are anti-intellectual because they have a burning resentment of the well-educated they suspect (rightly or wrongly) are their social betters. There must be some people who are anti-intellectual because they really prefer to wallow in pop-culture and inanity.

But it's most likely that modern intellectuals are despised because they are, in fact, barbarians
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