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War on Women

Here's the thing. You're 17 years old. Terrified. Some evil guy twice your age is trying to tear your pants off and rape you, and and you manage to get away by pepper-spraying the would-be-rapist. The last thing you expect to happen is to get arrested, and charged when you report the assault. Because "unlicensed" pepper spray is illegal.

And the attempted rape won't be pursued, because the (literally) patriarchal, misogynistic, entitled censored - deleted male person abusing you belongs to a racial / ethnic / sexual / political category currently fashionable with progressives.

Apparently "rape" only matters if you're assaulted by a white christian conservative. Yes, O my sisters, unless you happen get beaten up and violated by someone in that category, if you try to defend yourself, if you try to report what happened to you, if you merely attempt to vent about the assault on Facebook or Twitter, you can count on being screwed all over again... by feminists.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: There's a war on women. It's called feminism.

After all, once you start defending the gang rape of little girls and boys my daughter's age because Intersectional Race and Gender Theory and yannno, Oppression, give Muslims, blacks, guys from South America, and (some!) gays a free pass-?

Milo Yianoppolis got it wrong.

Saying "feminism is cancer" is grossly unfair to cancer.

Caption This!

Taking a page from Jagi over at arhyalon, I provide you with an... unusual picture to caption. Yeah. That's the ticket.

Have fun!

Happy New Year

The Veggie Comix are on a short hiatus while I scan and clean up the next batch.

In the meantime please enjoy this video the yard ape brought home from her gang of Cyber LARP-ers.

Proving The Illuminiti Is Real.

Oh. Put down any beverages before following the link.

You're welcome.

Still a Bit Sore-Posterior-wise

Veggies comics are up (I missed last week completely) because life and Manga Studio were really kicking my tuckus.

But then my amazing husband figured out how to re-toggle the Layers side/screen menu. And I figured out how to draw my own word balloons rather than using the weird-clunky ones that come with the program.

So, in other news, I'm beginning to get the hang of Manga Studios.

Here's the most recent TiaT comic and here's the one I put up on this post (see update below) with a broken link: Santa 'Splaining)

This one was composited on Manga Studio, printed out, hand drawn (#2 pencils), inked (Coptic markers), re-scanned & dumped into a Manga Studios page, the border added, shading added & words & word balloons drawn/added.

It's still faster just to draw them, but they don't come out web-ready sooo....

Manga Studio it is. At least the comic is slowly starting to look more professional.

Update: Links fixed.

Happy Thanksgiving!

The answer to the "what kind of wierdos" over at TiaT is me.

I've got two batches of lovely semolina flour dough rising in the oven1, some thinly sliced red onion marinating in olive oil, sea salt & red pepper and mounds of freshly grated mozzarella and aged parmesan. Tomorrow, we feast!

Because, frankly, I'm not at all thankful for turkey.

To paraphrase Mr. Franklin, pizza & beer are proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy :-p

As a thanksgiving present, if you're someone who drops by the journal and has never seen these comics, make a dummy journal & send me a friend request. The Veggie Comics series is f-locked.

...Never mind the deer. Or the lawn-mower...

1. Because if you leave it on the counter it becomes a most un-lovely mess of dog-toy. And then the dogs sick it up.


May the Holy Spirit comfort all those who mourn.

Women and Men, Ancient and Modern

  • 9.The modern woman can take constructive criticism without claiming grievances against her womanhood or dignity. She certainly doesn’t claim that criticism on social media gave her PTSD or made her bedridden and in fear for her mental state.

  • 10.The modern woman refuses to be treated as a victim. She understands her vulnerabilities and weaknesses and works to overcome them, instead of using them as excuses for her lack of achievement and success.

  • 11.The modern woman does not rely on her plumbing to help her succeed. She relies on her intellect. And she certainly doesn’t blame alleged hatred for said plumbing on her failures. She doesn’t use her tits in lieu of smarts and abilities.

If you haven't already heard of the ridiculous "Modern Man" prescriptive article from the New York times, head straight for Larry Correia's hilarious Fisk "27 Ways to Be a Modern Man (Alternate Title: Does the Touch of a Woman Confuse and Frighten You? 27 Ways to Avoid Girl Cooties.).

But you might also enjoy the "Modern Woman" version I've quoted from above over at The Liberty Zone

There's also two amusing "Ancient Roman" and "Christian Gentleman" versions at John C. Wright's Journal


Same Old, Same Old

If you've heard it once, you've heard it a million times:

The world is in the grip of a vast migration. Seeking a better life for themselves and their families, people are abandoning their benighted homelands and moving to places that offer them more opportunity. But are they bringing their homelands’ problems with them?

Those fargin' immigrants ruin everything. And I come from a family of immigrants. But we have the sense to adapt to the culture we've joined, not try to warp it into a piss-poor reflection of the place we left.

I'm speaking of course, of the d-n fool Californians. They've turned Oregon into the People's Republic of Stupid and they're starting to wreck Washington State.

Why is it so hard for them to draw the dotted line between: I am leaving California for greater economic opportunity and a chance at a better life and "This new place HAS the greater economic opportunity, and a chance for a better life" and "I probably shouldn't try to re-enact California's economic and social policies here"?

Progressives: dumb as a sack of rocks, betimes.

N.B. Source: Glen Reynolds

Three Wishes

As I logged in today I saw the blogger-discussion starter question: If you had three wishes, for what would you wish? Something for yourself? For others? To whom would you give three wishes, assuming you had someone you wanted to destroy?

I may have edited the original slightly.

I need four wishes, not three:
  1. I wish to completely appreciate who or what will be granting the wish: his/it's identity, motives, and moral character.

  2. I wish for wisdom in my wish-making

  3. I wish that any wish can be unwished, and its consequences eradicated via some mechanism that I control: perhaps by reciting The Lay of Beren and Luthien in its entirely or the like

  4. My one wish

And no, I don't know what that would be. I haven't gotten the wisdom wish answered yet.

What about you?

The Ninjas of Food

As you know, Bob, ninjas make every story better.

Cartoon musical intermission flagging? Add ninjas.

Fast-paced metaphysical trans-dimensional thriller hitting a slow spot? Add ninjas1

Historical sino-phillic mystery novel hitting one of those idiotic tonal moments from The Mikado? Ninjas for the win.

Which brings me to Bacon, the Ninja of Food. I have been informed that there are some people who have not yet discovered Good Mythical Morning. You know what those people need to do?

Good mythical morning is here: https://www.youtube.com/rhettandlink

For those same people, the yard ape recommends Stampy Longnose's Broken Age We Play videos:

1. There are actually no slow spots in this book.